Requirements Analysis

We provide an easy to understand analysis of your requirements. There is no use of complex computer terms, or confusing acronyms, we discuss your business in business terms. We describe your processes and procedures in language that makes sense to business owners and staff.
Our extensive experience means that you do not need to specify your requirements in great detail. Often a few simple words can convey a concept or an idea that we all understand.

Interactive Software Creation

Our software creation processes are interactive; we design and build, you review, we modify, and we both move on. Each stage of development is tested and approved by you.

Cloud System Management

Today almost all new development is based in the cloud. We undertsand that it is a new concept and the thought of having to manage cloud based systems can be daunting. At Auscomm, we provide the level of system management that best suits your needs; it may be total site and server management, or just ensuring that backups are working. The level of services is determined by you.

EDI System Integration

Many modern organisations providefor Electronic Document Interchange (EDI). We have dealt with a number of large organisations that use EDI processes to send purchase orders and receive invoices. We understand XML and UNEDIFACT formats


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