B-Link provides and EDI interface to Bunnings. This is a fully automated system that reads orders from the Bunnings server, converts those orders to a format that your system understands, and then loaded those orders into your systems in-box. It also takes invoicing information from your out-box, converts it and transmits it to Bunnings

Business Builder

Essentially as Customer Relationship Module (CRM) that allows you to manage tasks related to either your customers or suppliers. All tasks can be assigned to a specific member of staff and the progress of the tasks monitored. This system also allows you to record the details of phone conversations with customers and suppliers, on your mobile phone, and to store this information in a database for later referencing.

Mobile Business Cards (MBC)

Forget about old and outdated printed business cards. With MBC you will be able to create and maintain a business card for mobile phones. You can update the content at any time and send you card to anyone with a mobile phone


A business managment system for nurseries. It undertstand propagation, potting on, pot sizes, and production planning and costing. This packages is a desktop system designed specifically to meet the requirements of nurseries. It is well tested in the field so it contains only this features that nurseries actually use, not features that designers unfamiliar with the industry ‘think’you may need.


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